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4250Re: [soaplite] Question about complex types

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  • Byrne Reese
    Dec 14, 2004
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      Not currently.

      I am surprised that your SOAP client is complaining, as it is a
      perfectly legitimate attribute to have in a SOAP message. What client
      are you using?

      Are you sure it is complaining about the element's presence in the
      message, or its value?

      Brian Sedgley wrote:

      > I have went searched the mailer for the solution for this problem I
      > have seen other people ask this question but have not seen the answer.
      > The request I am makeing is of a complex type. When ever I get a soap
      > fault it always complains about the 'SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle' being in
      > the soap message. Complex type messages should not enclude encoding
      > style at least according to the schema I am working with. is there an
      > easy way to get rid of encoding style?
      > thanks
      > Brian
      > use SOAP::Lite;
      > use XML::Simple;
      > use Data::Dumper;
      > $result = SOAP::Lite ->new() -> outputxml(1)
      > -> uri('http<servername>/PerlScripts/axl/axlsoap.xsd')
      > -> proxy('https://XXXX:XXXXX@<servername>8443/axl/listener')
      > -> getPhone(SOAP::Data->name('phoneName' => "SEP00070ef73adf"));
      > my $config = XMLin($result,KeyAttr =>'');
      > print Dumper($return{'SOAP-ENV:Body'}->{ 'axl:getPhoneResponse'
      > }->{'return'});
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