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4230Re: [soaplite] Re: SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon::SSL ???

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  • Bryce Harrington
    Dec 2, 2004
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      On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, laurentf_ml wrote:
      > I'm happy to learn that I'm not alone :-)

      Yeah I had scanned through the entire archives of this list looking for
      an answer, and I was surprised to see the question asked a number of
      times previously. Unfortunately I didn't spot a solid answer. It
      appears to be a still-unsolved problem.

      > here are the results of my searchs done before posting here :
      > http://search.cpan.org/~reatmon/Net-HTTPServer-1.0
      > .2/lib/Net/HTTPServer.pm
      > which has this interesting option :
      > ssl => 0|1 - Run a secure server using SSL. You must
      > specify ssl_key, ssl_cert, and ssl_ca if
      > set this to 1.
      > ( Default: 0 )
      > (but how to do the "glue" with Soaplite ?)
      > and
      > http://search.cpan.org/~behroozi/HTTP-Daemon-SSL-1.01/SSL.pm
      > by looking in Soaplite source code, I ask myself if this one couldn't
      > be added in HTTP.pm ( as a "SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon::SSL" )
      > ... but it's probably beyond my perl capabilities !

      Cool, I've passed this along to Kees, who has been looking into this a
      bit with me.

      For us the issue is just lack of sufficient time to research into what
      needs to be done. Coding it up (or explaining how to code it) should be
      straightforward. Kees, can you weigh in with your thoughts on what's
      needed for this?

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