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4229Any way to set use_prefix to false from Apache::SOAP?

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  • Matt Hahnfeld
    Dec 2, 2004
      We're using Apache::SOAP to serve up our SOAP services. Our methods
      all respond using Document/Literal and need to communicate with
      C#/.NET clients. Because of that, we need the "use_prefix" option to
      be set to "0".

      The only way I've found to do this is to change the default
      constructor for SOAP::Serializer so it sets _use_prefix to 0. This
      solution is very painful, since it requires us to have a non-standard
      copy of SOAP/Lite.pm floating around on our machines.

      I've thought about subclassing SOAP::Serializer, but then is there any
      way to get Apache::SOAP to use the subclassed SOAP::Serializer without
      subclassing a whole bunch of other modules too?

      Better yet, is there any easy way to reset use_prefix from Apache or
      an apache startup script?

      It would be nice to have a solution that won't break things when we
      upgrade SOAP::Lite in the future...

      Any suggestions?