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4226Re: [soaplite] offline WSDL processing

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  • Byrne Reese
    Dec 1, 2004
      This is a feature that exists in the next version of SOAP::Lite. The
      sources have been checked into CVS so you could technically check them
      out of soaplite's sourceforge project home.

      But the ability to read a WSDL and then cache the generated code stubs
      to disk will look something like this:

      *my $client = SOAP::Lite->new;
      my $code = $client->cache_ttl(3600)->cache_dir("/tmp")->service($WSDL_URL)->stub;
      print $code;

      Cached code stubs will be placed in the /tmp directory.

      Medi Montaseri wrote:

      > Hi,
      > New to SOAP::Lite...I have read the manpage and a few other links.
      > I am interested in reaching a SOAP standalone server via
      > SOAP::Lite on my client. Examples regarding WSDL processing,
      > hint a runtime WSDL processing scheme.
      > Is it possible to process my WSDL file offline? That is have
      > SOAP::Lite parse and learn about the services, build the stubs
      > and park them on the disk.
      > Ideally, I'd like to provide a XYZ.pm that wraps around
      > SOAP::Lite (as an adaptor to my client programmers who are used to
      > certain interfaces).
      > Thanks
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