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  • J. J. Merelo
    Jun 1, 2001
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      I'm still a novice at this, and maybe I'm missing something, but I
      think it wouldn't be too difficult to change SOAP::Lite to make true
      peer-to-peer networking. For some transports, it would not be possible
      (for instance, CGI), but for others, like TCP, it should be very easy to
      create a P2P gadget.

      Right now, it's possible to do it, but not straightforward. The problem
      is that it's SOAP::Lite the one that does the event loop handling, by
      means of the handle() method. If, instead of doing it that way, we could
      do something like
      while (!SOAPEvents()) {
      with event-driven methods, it would be much easier to do so. Maybe it
      would be a matter of combining POE and SOAP. Or maybe it's a matter of
      using on_action wisely, I don't know. Or maybe it can be done and I
      can't figure out how to do it... If it can be done, I'd be very grateful
      to hear how.


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