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4171Re: [soaplite] Large XML

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  • Kyle Ellrott
    Nov 9, 2004
      > I'm a bit surprised that you think that the earlier version of
      > SOAP::Lite didn't encode the data,

      Previously, according to debug output, it would simply pass back my XML
      without changing the '<' s to '<'s.
      That's really beside the point ;-) It used to work, and after the
      update, it didn't. (looks like it's working now, but I still have
      another question, see below)

      > return SOAP::Data->name("psiblast_results" => $str)->type('xml');

      Thank you, that little gem helps. Back up and almost running.
      But I do still have one concern, and mainly it is that the cgi script
      allocates close to 450M while sending the data back. Thanks to the
      type('xml') it doesn't get locked up now, and only takes a few seconds
      to complete the transfer. But this memory issue could hammer me bad if
      I get several requests simultaneously.
      Any thoughts? Would moving them to be attachments bring down the
      memory size?

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