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4170Re: [soaplite] Large XML

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Nov 9, 2004
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      On 2004-11-09 at 20:54:47 Kyle Ellrott wrote:

      >I've been upgrading some of my servers, and as a result, ended up with
      >the new version of SOAP::Lite on my system.
      >One of my CGI scripts uses SOAP::Lite to package together some result
      >files, and send them back to the system that requested them. The call
      >is :
      > return SOAP::Data->name("psiblast_results" => $str);
      >Where $str contains the contents of the file. This file is XML. And
      >it's 'very' large, about 6.9M. It's XML formated blast output.
      >Previously (with older SOAP, I forget the version, but something like
      >0.51), this worked just fine. It would insert the text without
      >with it, and send it along. But it seems that SOAP::Lite 0.60 plays
      >with the text, trying to make it XML compatible, mostly by turning all
      >the '<' into '<'
      >The problem is that how ever it is doing it, it is real slow, and it
      >takes up a lot of memory. Essentially the soap.cgi script tries to
      >allocate almost 200M of RAM and then the connection times out because
      >it takes so long processes it.
      >Is there way to get SOAP::Lite to stop messing around with the text
      >just stick it in and send it along?
      Hi Kyle

      I'm a bit surprised that you think that the earlier version of
      SOAP::Lite didn't encode the data, but given no other information that
      is what SOAP::Lite has to do. You can tell SOAP::Lite that the string
      is XML by using the type() method, and then it will not be encoded

      return SOAP::Data->name("psiblast_results" => $str)->type('xml');

      Note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the string is well-
      formed XML.

      You might also want to look at returning the files as attachments. It
      is pretty easy using the support in the latest SOAP::Lite, 0.65, but
      may also depend on what language your clients are developed in.

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