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  • Kyle Ellrott
    Nov 9, 2004
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      I've been upgrading some of my servers, and as a result, ended up with
      the new version of SOAP::Lite on my system.
      One of my CGI scripts uses SOAP::Lite to package together some result
      files, and send them back to the system that requested them. The call
      is :
      return SOAP::Data->name("psiblast_results" => $str);
      Where $str contains the contents of the file. This file is XML. And
      it's 'very' large, about 6.9M. It's XML formated blast output.

      Previously (with older SOAP, I forget the version, but something like
      0.51), this worked just fine. It would insert the text without playing
      with it, and send it along. But it seems that SOAP::Lite 0.60 plays
      with the text, trying to make it XML compatible, mostly by turning all
      the '<' into '<'
      The problem is that how ever it is doing it, it is real slow, and it
      takes up a lot of memory. Essentially the soap.cgi script tries to
      allocate almost 200M of RAM and then the connection times out because
      it takes so long processes it.

      Is there way to get SOAP::Lite to stop messing around with the text and
      just stick it in and send it along?


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