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4153Using SOAP on AIX`

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  • Chris Braudy
    Nov 3, 2004
      I'm researching using SOAP on AIX --- being new to this architecture, this question may not make a whole lot of sense  ---
      Currently:  I have a COBOL program on a Windows platform that calls a C program that sends a SOAP message to a listener (Microsoft MTS / IIS).  The listener then calls a Visual Basic DLL and after the Visual Basic program ends, formulates a reply SOAP message to the C program that sent the initial message.  Generally, the reply just says that the Visual Basic program did the work it was asked to do (update some database tables for example).
      This works satisfactorily today (actually this is a customer's architecture) and allows the customer to have COBOL batch programs call Visual Basic DLLs to do some work.  No user interface is involved. 
      In the future and my "problem":  I'll be moving the COBOL and C program to AIX (don't ask why --- but it has to happen).  I still want to be able to use SOAP to invoke the Visual Basic DLL which is "stuck" on the Windows machine -- and to get the reply back to the C program on AIX.  If I can do this, I only really need to replace the SOAP service calls on Windows with SOAP service calls on AIX..
      Can I do this?  Any problems using SOAP to message between AIX and Windows?  What version of SOAP runs on AIX? I can't seem to find too much written about SOAP on AIX.
      WebSphere from IBM seems to provide a Java SOAP jar file to allow a SOAP service to be created on AIX.  Will I have to go that route -- write a Java servlet (???) to be able to use SOAP.  Any other SOAP options?
      If anybody can provide any clarity here / suggestions -- I'd be most appreciative.