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4149Re: [soaplite] still can't flush

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Nov 2, 2004
      At 2004-11-02, 05:54:12 Will Fawcett <nailism23@...> wrote:

      >Thank you duncan for your reply, I have upgraded to the latest
      >version from www.zeegee.com and am running version Soaplite 0.65
      >Beta 2 and am still getting the same error message:
      >soap:Client, Application failed during request deserialization:
      >Something wrong with MIME message: MIME::Parser: can't flush:
      >at /usr/lib/perl5/site_
      >perl/5.8.0/MIME/Parser.pm line 789.

      I think that you are still using the CPAN distribution of MIME::Tools.
      Line 789 of MIME::Parser in MIME-Tools-5.414 is
      $ENCODED->flush or die "$ME: can't flush: $!";
      which ties in with your error message.

      Check where you installed the new version of MIME::Tools and make sure that that directory is being searched first.
      If in doubt include this at the beginning of your code to see which version you are running. It should be 6.108

      print $MIME::Parser::VERSION;

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