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4119Re: [soaplite] Re: Possible bug in handling MIME messsage?

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Oct 26, 2004
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      At 2004-10-26, 21:37:14 jpeyser <jpeyser@...> wrote:

      >After much debuging, I think I found the problem.
      >In Mime Tools module Mime/Parser/Reader.pm, at the end of sub
      >read_chunk, the following line removes all trailing \r and \n,
      >regardless of order.
      > ### Write out last held line, removing terminating CRLF if ended
      >on bound:
      > $last =~ s/[\r\n]+\Z// if ($eos =~ /^(DELIM|CLOSE)/);
      >It should read
      > $last =~ s/(?:\r\n)+\Z// if ($eos =~ /^(DELIM|CLOSE)/);
      I think that I reported this problem to the list earlier this week, and
      have also raised it on the CPAN bug tracking system.

      I think we need to be careful as to what the fix should be though. Your
      example allows any number of \r\n sequences to be removed. I think that
      only one of these should be removed


      i.e. \r?\n
      Because of the context of the code there should not be any other \n but
      there can be any number of \r which should not be removed.
      This allows for the sending system to have used either \r\n (correct)
      or only \n (incorrect) as the line separator. MIME::Tools seems to be
      full of code that expects only \n to be generated or to be received.

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