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4110Re: Possible bug in handling MIME messsage?

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  • herwighenseler
    Oct 26, 2004

      thanks for the responses so far. Yes, i tried with "base64" encoding and yes, it worked.
      The trailing \n was preserved.

      --- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, "jpeyser" <jpeyser@p...> wrote:
      > The SOAP::Packager::MIME package defaults the mime_encoding to '8bit'
      > This has to be overridden with something like
      > $soap->packager->{_content_encoding} = 'binary';

      This could be the root of the problem. Although I encoded my part with "binary"
      (explicitly), the full MIME message seems to be encoded with "8-bit", causing problems.
      Well, it should work since different parts of the message should be able to contain
      different encoding messages, but I guess here is the problem. Still not sure if it's SOAP's
      fault or MIME's.

      I can't see how the last line should change the behaviour of the packager since
      _content_encoding isn't used anywhere in SOAP::LIte. Aer you referring to SOAP::Lite 0,65
      beta? (I'm using 0.60a).

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