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  • woto19
    Oct 20, 2004
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      Dear all,

      i tried to find this in recent postings but I didn't find
      a solution that works for me ...

      So here's my question:

      I'd like to consum a WebService by WSDL. This WebService needs
      an authentication envelope:


      I tried to attache a header but I did'n succed
      as I always have some probelems getting t his

      #!perl -w

      use SOAP::Lite (+trace => all, maptype => {});

      my $service = SOAP::Lite
      -> service('http://host/arsys/WSDL/nb/Grid_HelpDesk');

      my $header = SOAP::Header->name(AuthenticationInfo => { password =>
      'PASS', userName => 'user'});

      my @param = ($header,
      SOAP::Data->name("Request-ID" => '00001'));

      my @myresult= $service->OpGet(@param);
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