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4Re: Install on Windows 98 NT 2000

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  • allierogers@yahoo.com
    Feb 6 7:17 AM
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      Okay ...I am using 5.5 build 522 (I think), not 5.6. I should have
      mentioned that.

      What installation procedure did you use? The usual Unix make
      procedure using Microsoft NMAKE? I have never used this procedure
      for ActiveState. I have only ever used PPM. Does the Unix procedure
      work on ActiveState? I get error messages like "Can't find perl.exe
      in C:\perl\bin" even though it is definately located there. Is this
      a pre-build 623 bug?

      --- In soaplite@y..., "Peter Wilkinson" <pwilkinson@f...> wrote:
      > Try installing build 623 of AcitvePerl, I could install SOAP::Lite
      once I
      > upgraded from build 620. The latest build they have of SOAP::Lite
      is 0.43
      > though.
      > PW.
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      > Sent: Wednesday, 7 February 2001 1:59 AM
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      > Subject: [soaplite] Install on Windows 98 NT 2000
      > Any tips on installing this for ActiveState on Windows? There is no
      > PPM that I can see. Unix installation is a breeze, but using the
      > Unix procedure and NMAKE on Windows does not work well. Does
      > have an ActiveState PPM for Windows are ideas on how to make one
      > (besides "Read ActiveState documentation" which I've already done to
      > no avail)?
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