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3987Re: [soaplite] soap v1 support

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  • Byrne Reese
    Oct 8, 2004
      SOAP::Lite does not recognize that namespace as it is no longer in compliance with the specification. According to the 1.1 spec:
      A SOAP message MUST have an Envelope element associated with the "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" namespace. If a message is received by a SOAP application in which the SOAP Envelope element is associated with a different namespace, the application MUST treat this as a version error and discard the message.
      I am not sure what to tell you... except to encourage you to update your SOAP server. :-(

      If however this is absolutely necessary one could override the envelope's namespace with the following code:

      BEGIN {
          $SOAP::Constants::NS_ENV = "


      amoore wrote:

      Hello -

      I'm working with an (apparently rather ancient) IBM redback server
      and a SOAP::Lite client. The server consistantly responds with "SOAP
      Version Mismatch - require :soap.v1" messages. It apparently is
      looking for SOAP-ENV="urn:schemas-xmlsoap-org:soap.v1". While it is
      my understanding that SOAP::Lite doesn't support this version
      (anymore?), I would like to find a solution to this problem.

      Does anyone have any recommendations on communicating with this
      server, preferably with SOAP::Lite, or at least with perl?


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