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3980Re: [soaplite] soaplite doesn't work with apache2

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  • Hitoshi Asaeda
    Oct 7, 2004
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      > I wouldn't necessarily go commenting out use and require statements. They
      > are there for a reason. You need to make sure those packages have been
      > installed instead of eliminating their import statements.

      Does someone recognize what I've missed?

      > But as for mod_perl 2 support, SOAP::Lite 0.65 (due out next week) will
      > have this support integrated. But I am looking for someone to help me do
      > some testing.

      So should I use apache 1 and mod_perl 1?

      > The sourcecode currently in CVS has the changes necessary to work with
      > mod_perl 1 and 2. Would you might helping me out?

      Ok, at first I'll check cvs code, and try apache/mod_perl ver.1 if
      still it fails. (Is anoncvs available? If yes, please tell me the
      server and directory information.)
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