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3961Arrays of Arrays?

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  • robertatelastica
    Oct 1, 2004
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      So I have a complex type thus

      my $params = SOAP::Data->type('SysHashMap')->name("arg0" =>
      \SOAP::Data->value( @keys, @values));

      @keys are strings and values are nearly all strings except for one
      value I want as another complex that's also a SysHashMap

      so I'm constructing that the same way I construct the above one.

      my $time_params = SOAP::Data->type('SysHashMap')->name("
      arg0" => \SOAP::Data->value( @time_keys, @time_values));
      push @keys, SOAP::Data->name("keys" => $k);
      push @values, $time_params;

      So basically one of the values of the $params complex type is
      another complex type.

      Is this supported?

      however when I send my request I get the dredded.

      Unable to execute SOAP request.
      XML parse has failed on (Line 1, Column 2282).
      (0xa417fc)','SOAP::SOM=HASH(0x9b33d4)') called
      at /sbcimp/run/pd/cpan/5.8.0-2003.05/lib/SOAP/Lite.pm line 2839
      (0xa417fc)','executeReport','SOAP::Data=HASH(0xa7cd3c)') called at
      (eval 93)[/sbcimp/run/pd/cpan/5.8.0-2003.05/lib/SOAP/Lite.pm:2487]
      line 44
      ReportService::__ANON__[(eval 93)[/sbcimp/run/pd/cpan/5.8.0-
      (0xa417fc)','SOAP::Data=HASH(0x6c7118)') called
      at /XXXX/runReport.pl line 236
      (0x49d800)','localhost:7001','ReportWebService') called
      at /XXXX/runReport.pl line 175
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