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  • flarneater
    Sep 27, 2004
      --- In soaplite@yahoogroups.com, "Colin Magee" <colin@b...> wrote:
      > Mark,
      > Any chance you could mail the same examples to me? I too am new to web
      > services but not to Perl, have bought the book "Web Services with Perl"
      > and am too none the wiser. Is there a theme here?

      Ditto. Some simple, complete examples, would be much appreciated.

      I will say that I did have SOAP operating on some mod-perl enabled
      servers, but it was decided (due to in-house security contraints) that
      we could not use SOAP. Don't ask. Trust me on this one.

      So, it was dropped, and I implemented some custom software to jump
      through the required security hoops. However, the time has come where
      we can start to look at SOAP again. Something fundamental has
      obviously changed in the last few years with respect to the perl SOAP
      implementation, since I didn't have any trouble at all getting it to
      work the first time.


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