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3922Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite issue with WS-I Basic Profile

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  • Mark Fuller
    Sep 14, 2004
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      If you don't (can't) specify the namespace in the
      WSDL, then SOAP::Lite will expect to find it in Perl's
      main namespace. Will it work if you put the subroutine
      in main (not packaged under another name) and tell




      I know this works with Transport::HTTP::Daemon. I'm
      not sure how your use of Apache::SOAP would change


      --- supertux1 <supertux1@...> wrote:

      > Background:
      > I've got a Document-Literal Wrapped web service
      > which runs on
      > SOAP::Lite and is dispatched with a modified
      > Apache::SOAP.
      > It uses WSDL files which must be WS-I Basic Profile
      > compliant.
      > In the WSDL bindings, operation element, the
      > SOAP::Lite server fails
      > to find a class name if you configure the body
      > message as such:
      > <soap:body use="literal"/>
      > The request envelope looks something like this:
      > <SOAP-ENV:Body><Test xmlns="">.....
      > and the error is:
      > <faultstring>Denied access to method (Test) in class
      > (main) at ....
      > However if you do it like this:
      > <soap:body
      > namespace="http://wherever/My/Perl/Module"
      > use="literal"/>
      > The SOAP::Lite server can find the class, the call
      > works, the
      > request envelope looks like this:
      > <SOAP-ENV:Body><Test
      > xmlns="http://wherever/My/Perl/Module">.....
      > So what's the problem if it works? The way that
      > works requires you
      > to format the WSDL in a way which fails the WS-I
      > Basic Profile Tests,
      > that is to combine use="literal" with a
      > namespace="..." which is
      > illegal.
      > Sure, you could override the client serializer and
      > shove the
      > namespace in there
      > (http://ads.harvard.edu/~alberto/SOAP/literal-
      > howto-client.pl) but doesn't that defeat the purpose
      > of the WSDL
      > telling the client what the namespaces should be?
      > How should this be fixed? Well, SOAPAction in the
      > header contains
      > something like: SOAPAction:
      > "http://wherever/My/Perl/Module#Test"
      > Can the SOAP::Lite server be made to look at THAT
      > instead
      > of <SOAP-ENV:Body><Test xmlns="">..... when deciding
      > which
      > class/module and method to invoke? I tried writing
      > an overriding
      > Deserializer on the server side, but it is not being
      > invoked before
      > the soap lite server returns with a fault.

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