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  • Mark Fuller
    Sep 14, 2004
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      >I am new to writing web services, but not to Perl.
      >Is there a how-to
      >on what to do? I have the "Web Services with
      >Perl" book from
      >O'Reilly, but I'm still confused.


      I've got some examples I created to help people get up
      to speed as painlessly as possible. I can mail them to
      you if you want.

      BTW: Don't feel alone at being perplexed. I had *a
      lot* of difficulty comprehending where to start and
      how to do it. In my opinion, SOAP::Lite has way too
      many ways to do things, documentated in too many
      places. I found I couldn't become productive with just
      the book, or just one web site, etc. My examples, of
      course, contribute to the problem. :) But, I don't try
      to cover every way to do things. Just the simplest
      (from my perspective as someone who wasn't "getting"


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