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3907What is the latest Soaplite for Win32? If 0.6, how to install?

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  • bearlythere4444
    Sep 2, 2004

      I have Win32 Activeperl installed (5.8), which includes SOAPLite
      0.55. It was suggested that I install SOAPLite 0.6, possibly from


      When I try this, I get the message that "SOAPLite already installed."

      If I try to unintall, I get the message that SOAPLite is required,
      and I can't remove it.

      Any suggestions? Am I missing anything important staying with 0.55?

      According to www.soaplite.com, 0.60 is not available for Win32, and
      is still the development release for Unix/Linux.


      Harry Pierson
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