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3905WSDL generator?

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  • aviannachao
    Sep 1, 2004
      Not exactly a Soaplite issue, but I am just finding out that non-Perl
      (ie, MS Biztalk) clients need a WSDL page to be able to consume my
      Perl (Soaplite) based web service.

      Is there a WSDL generator for Perl? I did find the WSDL::Generator
      class on CPAN, but couldn't find enough examples to help me through
      using it (I will keep poking at it, maybe I'll figure it out).

      How are you guys creating WSDL pages for your Perl based web services?
      We can't all be just using Perl to write clients or just consuming
      other Perl based web services, I mean, the whole point of web services
      is cross platform/cross language etc etc :-)