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3871Re: [soaplite] Re: Please help: Wide character problem using soap.lite

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Aug 20, 2004
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      At 2004-08-20, 05:15:20 frozenvillage <frozenvillage@...> wrote:

      >> Base64 is probably the simplest way to send the string, something
      >> $soap->mymethod(SOAP::Data->type(base64 => $mystring));
      >> Regards
      >> Duncan
      >Hi Duncan, thanks for your reply.
      >If the Base64 is the simplest way to send the string, why do I get
      >this "Wide Character" problem. I do not send any character like
      >asian character or else, just plain english sentences which stored
      >ad a compressed XML file (When I want to send this zip file, I read
      >it as a binary, this binary is then treated as string).
      Ah yes, SOAP::Lite probably detects that the string is binary and so
      sends as base64 automatically.

      >I downloaded this soap.lite, compile it to a dll file, without
      >making any changes to the module. Is it the correct way?

      I don't understand what you mean by this, 'compile to a dll'. Are you not running perl directly?

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