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3834Re: SOLUTION: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite server with .NET client - SOAPAction woes

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  • Mark Fuller
    Aug 12, 2004
      > How did you do that? because SOAP::Lite does not
      > really provide bolts
      > and nuts for writing a WSDL server?

      I'm hardly qualified to speak on this, but I don't
      think you write a WSDL server. You write a web service
      using SOAP::Lite's server capabilities. You write a
      WSDL defining that service. The WSDL is provided to
      the client.

      I have a working example of this if you would like it.
      I got it to work using Isaac's posted information.

      Email me at amigo_boy2000 y,a,h,o,o, d,o...t c...o,m
      if you want it.

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