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3824Apache::SOAP example needed

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  • kooganani
    Aug 9, 2004
      I've fumbling ineffectually with SOAP and mod_perl for the last couple
      weeks. The best I can get with SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Apache is
      "Can't call method "handler" without a package or object reference" in
      the apache log. And Apache::SOAP is sending my requests into a black
      hole -- no error in the apache logs, no response on the client side.

      Here's my "black hole" scenario:

      Server side -- httpd.conf snippet
      <Location /soap>
      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlHandler Apache::SOAP
      PerlSetVar dispatch_to "/home/aaron/perlmod/Test.pm"
      PerlSetVar options "compress_threshold => 10000"

      Server side -- /home/aaron/perlmod/Test.pm
      package Test;

      sub hi {
      return "hello, world";

      sub bye {
      return "goodbye, cruel world";

      Client side -- client10.pl
      #! /usr/bin/perl -w

      use SOAP::Lite;

      print SOAP::Lite
      -> uri('http://localhost/')
      -> proxy('http://localhost/soap')
      -> hi()
      -> result;

      I'm probably doing something dumb. It would be a huge help if someone
      could post all parts of a working example (server module, httpd conf
      snippet, and client) using either Apache::SOAP or

      BTW I am using:
      Apache 1.3.31 on RedHat 7.3
      Perl 5.8.4
      And I have verified that mod_perl is working.