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3807Re: SOLUTION: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite server with .NET client - SOAPAction woes

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  • Issac Goldstand
    Jul 30, 2004
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      [CC-ing to soaplite list so that others can answer]

      ----- Original Message -----
      > > the WSDL structure should thus be as follows:
      > Thanks for posting that. I've been fooling around with a "helloWorld"
      > WSDL and couldn't figure out how to specify the URN. Even though I'm
      > going SOAP::Lite client to SOAP::Lite server (not using .Net), your
      > example explained everything.
      > Tell me, the WSDL sample I found in another posting to the group
      > contained
      > ====================
      > <input>
      > <soap:body
      > encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"
      > namespace="http://www.helloWSDL" use="encoded"/>
      > </input>
      > <output>
      > <soap:body
      > encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"
      > namespace="http://www.helloWSDL" use="encoded"/>
      > </output>
      > ====================
      > The difference is "use=encoded" and the presence of "encodingStyle".
      > Other than that, the WSDL was pretty close to your example (other
      > than the namespace values). What is the difference between encoded
      > and literal?

      This is straight from the mini-documentation bundled with Cape Clear's
      wonderful free SOA WSDL editor:

      "The use attribute, which is required, indicates whether the message parts
      are encoded using some encoding rules, or if the parts define the physical
      schema of the message. If use is set to encoded , each message part
      references an abstract type using the type attribute. If use is set to
      literal , each part references a physical schema definition using either the
      element or type attribute.
      The encodingStyle attribute is set to a list of URIs, each separated by a
      single space. These URIs represent encodings used with the message, in order
      from the most restrictive to the least restrictive. "

      encodingStyle is only needed when use is set to encoded

      > Also, the style is "rpc" for both of them. Is that customary? Is it
      > possible to return complex structures this way?

      As to rpc/document, the SOAP application's I've developed up till now are
      really remote procedures, so RPC seemed the obvious choice :-) However, if
      you made a SOAP application that, say, modifies an image and returns it, you
      might use document. I'm really not sure of any "side-effects" that choosing
      one over the other entails - perhaps someone can enlighten me?

      > Sorry, I know I should go read the WSDL primer. I just thought you
      > might be able to answer those two for me.

      Read it anyway.

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