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3718Re: [soaplite] application failed during deserialization: xml processing instruction not at...

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Jul 7, 2004
      Sorry to post again but I hit send to soon.

      At 2004-07-07, 07:46:57 Amit Sharma <amit_sharma04@...> wrote:

      >Hello All,
      >We are accessing a SOAP service from a SOAP Client. The error we get
      >is this:
      >"application failed during deserialization: xml processing
      >instruction not at start of external entity at line 3, column 0,byte
      >4 at C:/Perl/site/lib/XML/Parser.pm line 168"
      >Please suggest where the problem could be. WE have tried this on
      >Windows as well as Linux.
      Well, the error message is pretty clear as to where the problem is.
      line 3, column 0,byte 4 refers to the received data.
      Have you turned trace on and looked at the received data?
      Possibly the server is not finding the cgi script and is sending back
      an HTML error page.

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