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3717Re: [soaplite] application failed during deserialization: xml processing instruction not at...

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Jul 7 12:26 AM
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      At 2004-07-07, 07:46:57 Amit Sharma <amit_sharma04@...> wrote:

      >Hello All,
      >We are accessing a SOAP service from a SOAP Client. The error we get
      >is this:
      >"application failed during deserialization: xml processing
      >instruction not at start of external entity at line 3, column 0,byte
      >4 at C:/Perl/site/lib/XML/Parser.pm line 168"
      >Please suggest where the problem could be. WE have tried this on
      >Windows as well as Linux.
      Well, the error message is pretty clear as to where the problem is.
      Have you turned trace on and looked at the received data?

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