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3687Re: [soaplite] Problem with binary file

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Jun 20, 2004
      On 20-06-2004 at 11:25:38 leiandding <leiandding@...> wrote:

      >Hello all,
      > We are using EJB to provide a webservice which allows the Perl
      >client to upload and "download data, which is actually stored in a
      >temporary file on the server.
      > The web service provides two methods: testUpload for uploading file
      >and testDownload for downloading previously uploaded file.
      >== Method Prototype in WSDL ==
      > testUpload(xsd:base64Binary content)
      > xsd:base64Binary testDownload()
      > The testDownload method is just fine, but there are problems with
      >testUpload. No errors are reported in the process, but the server just
      > don't write the content into the file.
      > Really confused with this problem ... Any suggestions are welcome.
      > Thanks in advance!
      > Here's the testUpload code:
      > sub testUpload
      > {
      > print("Please enter the filename:");
      > $filename=<STDIN>;
      > chop($filename);
      > print("\n\n-------------\n\nUploading..............");
      > open(APPFILE,$filename) || die("Can not open the file");
      > binmode(APPFILE);
      > @content=<APPFILE>;
      I am not sure that this is really doing what you want. I think that your file will be still returned as multiple lines but without any \r\n mangling.
      To read all the content of a file into a variable
      local $/ = undef;
      $content = <APPFILE>;
      > # print(@content); it can print the content of the file.
      > close(APPFILE);
      > $session->testUpload(@content) || die("Can not Upload");

      You are passing several parameters to testUpload(), one for each line in your file, not just one.

      my $result = $session->testUpload(
      SOAP::Data->name(content => $content)->type('base64');
      print $result;

      You probably need to look at the logs on your server to see exactly what is being sent.

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