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3643RE: [soaplite] soaplite and SSL

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  • Sinha, Madhukar [IT]
    Jun 4, 2004
      thanks.. You last suggestion was very high level. Could you let me how to build with SSL support. what extra things i need?

      also how do i supply certificates?

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      Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 11:41 AM
      To: Sinha, Madhukar [IT]
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      Subject: Re: [soaplite] soaplite and SSL

      For ssl usage at the server side, i used mod_proxy from apache.

      In an ssl activatet apache location:
      ProxyPass /proxy-url

      So you can access the locally running http daemon on proxy url

      Of course thats not hat you are looking for.
      Bu i think maybe this would be interesting for the group. Because i
      found no way to make a https SOAP::Lite server as a daemon.
      Alternatively you could use a LD_PRELOAD hack to use ssl socket instead
      of normal sockets, but his is a uglu hack. More ugly than my. ;)

      But to answer your request.
      You have of just to build the perl module with ssl support and you will
      be able to connect to a https webservice. (that schould be the way, dit
      not test.)

      Madhukar Sinha wrote:

      >I have to migrate my perl/soaplite based webservices (accessed by
      >apache soap clients) and also my perl/soaplite clients which access
      >java based webservices.
      >What do i need to do on Perl side. ? I saw in archives that people
      >have tried using Crypt::SSLeay . has it worked?
      >how do we supply client certificates ?
      >Also are there in links of docs where i could find useful info about
      >What is the performance degardation from perl side? If i make
      >multiple SOAP calls in same script and i dont use cookies to track
      >session, then SSL auth will be done everytime (cert verification).
      >This would considerably slow each call.
      >Is there a way around this? Can session tracking avoid repeat
      >verification (only once done at beginning of session).
      >Please advise me
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

      Tilman Baumann

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      They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve
      neither liberty or security
      - Benjamin Franklin
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