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3642Quick question -- Simple Fault handling

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  • chenlyc7
    Jun 4, 2004
      I'm trying to get our perl client to handle a very simple Fault
      message from the server that has the following format:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <faultstring>A sample fault message here...</faultstring>
      <string>A sample fault message here...</string>

      how would one be able to retrieve the strings in faultstring and
      detail tags if the hypothetical client had the following code:

      $soap_response= SOAP::Lite
      -> uri('<URI of the service>')
      -> proxy('http://address_here')
      -> methodName(SOAP::Data->name(arg0 => \@arg0stuff),
      SOAP::Data->name(arg1 => \@arg1stuff), SOAP::Data->name(arg2
      -> result;

      ? I am new to this and would like to quickly setup an example for perl
      to handle simple faults as described above.

      Thanks in advance!
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