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3639soaplite and SSL

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  • Madhukar Sinha
    Jun 4 7:17 AM

      I have to migrate my perl/soaplite based webservices (accessed by
      apache soap clients) and also my perl/soaplite clients which access
      java based webservices.

      What do i need to do on Perl side. ? I saw in archives that people
      have tried using Crypt::SSLeay . has it worked?

      how do we supply client certificates ?

      Also are there in links of docs where i could find useful info about

      What is the performance degardation from perl side? If i make
      multiple SOAP calls in same script and i dont use cookies to track
      session, then SSL auth will be done everytime (cert verification).
      This would considerably slow each call.

      Is there a way around this? Can session tracking avoid repeat
      verification (only once done at beginning of session).

      Please advise me

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