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3637Help on Complex Structures with wsdl

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  • sidd_c8304
    Jun 3, 2004
      Hello All,
      I am a complete newbie to both SOAP::Lite and perl.I
      haveinstalled Soap::Lite and also managed to write a simple client
      andserver program.Its perfectly ok.
      But my requirement is bit complex structure.Basically i
      wantto know how to go about creating a structure like the below:-
      <MyID> xyz </MyID>
      <Passwd> iop </Passwd>
      <Addr> #402 </Addr>
      <City> abc </City>

      Correct me if am wrong.

      The steps involved are:1) Firstly the server needs to create
      <MyExample>, <MyID>...etc tags(Iam trying to create a wsdl, by passing
      "?wsdl" as parameter in theclient)

      2) So now client needs to send the values, by filling the tags
      ,xyz,iop,abc...etc( say by making a call to a service) If a
      call has to be made then how would i be able to send parameters inthe
      call itself.

      Pls excuse if i sound stupid., but cant help.I'll be grateful if
      anyone can help me out