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3634RE: [soaplite] Serialization

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  • Mitchell, Louise M
    Jun 2, 2004
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      Here's how I did it... it works... if it's incorrect, someone can
      comment... 'sXML' is the root tag of my xml... $xml is the inner xml...

      sub call_via_soap
      my $xml = shift;

      my $soap = SOAP::Lite
      ->on_action( sub { join '/', 'http://tempuri.org', $_[1] } )


      my $method =

      my $param = SOAP::Data->name(sXML => SOAP::Data->type('string' =>
      $xml) );

      my $response = $soap->call($method=>$param);

      if ($response->fault)
      die $response->faultstring;
      my $result = $response->result;
      return $result;
      #my %result = %{$response->result};
      #print map("$_: @{[$result{$_} || '']}\n", keys %result), "\n";


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      Subject: [soaplite] Serialization

      I have 1gb documents to be passed around using the soap protocol.
      is it possible to just send the xml as is with out serialization??
      The only way i can see to do it is SOAP::Data as without this i get
      rubbish sent, sadly that leaves me with <DATA><DATA></DATA></DATA>
      which is invalid to the wsdl. Can i just send the xml inside the

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