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3628Re: [soaplite] Notice: perl -W

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  • Víctor A. Rodríguez
    Jun 1, 2004
      Hi Malte,

      > i've had a problem with getting no responses from my SOAP::Lite Server.
      > This "error" was due
      > to the fact that i used "perl -W" in the first line of my server-script.
      > I have not found
      > a notice to this problem in the documentation. I know that this is not a
      > bug of SOAP::Lite but
      > would propose that someone puts this notice into the Cookbook or the
      > users-guide as other
      > persons could have similar trouble if they try to use perl -W.

      I think I had the same problem some time ago. When using perl -w and a
      Pure Perl XML::Parser it becomes soooo sloooooooow.

      Take a look at http://trex.sourceforge.net/users/en/first.html#require

      Víctor A. Rodríguez (http://www.bit-man.com.ar)
      El bit Fantasma (bit-man)
      Life hacker
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