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3594Re: Re: [soaplite] Using a parser other than XML::Parser or XML::Parser::Lite

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  • Duncan Cameron
    May 15, 2004
      On 14-05-2004 at 18:14:21 Tod Harter <tharter@...> wrote:

      >I have to say it would REALLY make things nicer if we could use
      >XML::LibXML (in particular) as a parsing engine, its something on the
      >order of 50 to 100 times faster, and the API is definitely quite a lot
      >more standards-compliant and featureful. I'm wondering how hard it would
      >be to abstract out an interface to allow SOAP::Lite internals to handle
      >different parsers. Probably not easy, but on the last project I
      >completed using SOAP::Lite parsing consumes on the order of 60% of all
      >CPU cycles, eek!
      I think that there may be (at least) two areas to look at
      Firstly, using, say, SAX2 callbacks would allow any SAX2 parser to be used. This I would guess is straightforward based on Paul's comment to my previous posting.
      Secondly, building a result tree that can be accessed using full XPath notation, rather than or as well as the current SOM approach. This looks to be a bit more difficult.

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