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3583Using a parser other than XML::Parser or XML::Parser::Lite

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  • teden
    May 13, 2004

      I've got a pretty complex xsd/wsdl definition for my web service
      which is running SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon. The input schema
      defines several layers of nesting arrays (arrays of arrays of
      arrays). On the server side I am parsing it using SOAP::SOM using a
      variety of $som->dataof() calls nested inside of each other. I have
      optimized the code as best I can and server response time is still in
      the 6+ second range.

      From majordojo (http://www.majordojo.com/soaplite/), I see a comment
      that changing the XML parser can have a significant performance yield
      (see article http://www.majordojo.com/archives/000150.php#000150).
      OK, I'll bite... How do you change the behavior of SOAP::Lite to use
      a parser different from XML::Parser or XML::Parser::Lite? Given that
      XML::LibXML seems to be the fastest, I'd like to use it, bu don't
      know where to begin to do that.

      Thanks in advance,

      Thom Eden
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