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3571Re: [soaplite] can(method)

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  • Klaus Guenter
    May 12 12:09 AM
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      Hi, Paul && list,

      Thx for all you answers ...

      On Tuesday 11 May 2004 18:09, Paul Kulchenko wrote:

      > UNIVERSAL::can($obj => 'method')) only tells
      > you whether the object has a method 'method' (it actually returns
      > undef or a reference to the sub).

      I misunderstood that as a kind of access control. 'perltoot' would have been
      my friend .. but still isn't that suitable to implement access control?

      As Juan suggested, 'can' could be overriden and grant access (return ref ||
      undef) based on some criteria. Unless I misinterpreted that, 'can' is always
      used before the real work is done in SOAP::Lite.

      So, the call would fail, if 'can' decides: "You cant!" and return undef.

      How far am I off track? ;o)

      Best regards,
      People often find it easier to be a result of the past than a cause of
      the future.
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