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3556SOAP server response is not coming back to client ---please help

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  • subrata kolay
    May 4, 2004
      Dear All,

      I am working with I830M4 chipset intel motherboard
      having x86 processor.and I am running WindowsCE .Net
      4.2 here.The
      board is acting as my windows CE device and i am using
      Winxp machine with platform builder 4.2 to build Wince
      .net 4.2 and
      dowloded to above device. Now to test the kit i have
      client perl script using SOAP:LITE will be running on
      winxp and server
      perl script on wince 4.2 which will call perl test

      codes are written below.

      **** server side running on wince 4.2

      # server ..running on wince 4.2
      use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;

      # don't want to die on 'Broken pipe'
      #$SIG{PIPE} = 'IGNORE';

      getMethods(); # find all my external and
      internal classes and methods

      my $daemon = SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon -> #
      create the agent server
      new(LocalPort=>2020, Reuse=>1,Listen
      =>10) -> # allow LISTENQUE connections
      dispatch_to('.', 'agent',
      test_suite1.pm); # set method list (test_suite1.pm
      contains all tests script)

      Log("Contact agent at " . $daemon->url);
      print (@classList);

      ******client side running on wndows xp

      use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;
      use SOAP::Lite;

      if (!$ARGV[0]) {
      print "run_tests_remotely.pl - sample for remotely
      running tests\n";
      print " usage: run_tests_remotely.pl <hostname>\n";
      exit 1;
      } else {
      $host = $ARGV[0];

      $Remote = SOAP::Lite->uri('/test_suite1')
      timeout => 600) ;

      # --------------
      # getPropList ()
      # --------------
      @outNVL=$Remote->getPropList()->paramsall ; #
      getpropList() define in test_suite1.pm
      print "\n GetPropList result:\n @outNVL\n" ;

      exit 1;

      *********************** test_suite1.pm****************
      package test_suite1;

      return 1;

      sub getPropList

      $file = 'ParamNVL.txt' ;
      open(INFO,"< $file") or die "Failed to open file
      $file : $! \n";
      @params = <INFO> ; # -- Reads content of file into
      an array --
      close(INFO) ;
      return (@params) ; # return paramnVL.txt file

      }# getPropList()


      Here daemon is running on wince 4.2 and while i am
      trying to execute the test from client, no response is
      coming back to
      client. But subroutine is called (getprobList in
      server and it is reading all values from paramNVL.txt)
      in the server that i
      have checked but all return values is not comimg back
      to client.

      In platform builder workspace i have added soap
      (client & server). SOAP:LITE module downloaded from
      soaplite.com and copied
      to wince 4.2. I have build perl binary distribution
      on wince 4.2.

      Can any one please tell me where i am worng ? is there
      any other things i need to do?.

      can any one please help me?


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