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3520Re: [soaplite] SOAP::Lite server and generating WSDL

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  • Byrne Reese
    Apr 21, 2004
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      One can see that great minds think alike. This too is similar to what I
      was considering. I honestly didn't make the leap to YAML (shame on me) -
      I was using Perl::POD.

      As it turns out, the WSDL2Perl project uses the Template Toolkit...

      Thanks for sharing your code.

      I am in the process of soliciting funds from companies to fund
      SOAP::Lite (I will be making an announcement soon if I can secure a
      couple of companies first)... if I can, then we should see some
      significant work being pouring into the project... to address this very
      concern. Keep your fingers crossed everyone.

      Alasdair Allan wrote:

      > > > > One idea I am trying out is to add an inline YAML definition of each
      > > > > method (in a POD section), and then write a WSDL generator...
      > > >
      > > > I would be very interested in seeing this option explored as I am
      > having
      > > > issues with implementing SOAP::Lite services in out environment
      > (mixed
      > > > with Perl, .Net, and AXIS) relating to the lack of WSDL support in
      > > > SOAP::Lite and the general messiness of using the WSDL::Generator perl
      > > > module.
      > >
      > > ...attached is an incomplete script (I hacked out some internal
      > > code) that recurses a directory (with File::Find) extracts the YAML
      > > api_spec section (using a subclass of Pod::Parser), converts to a Perl
      > > structure (using YAML's Load method)...>
      > I'd also be very interested in seeing this explored, it sounds like a
      > reasonable approach. If I get time over the weekend I'll see if I can
      > have
      > a look at it as well.
      > Al.
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