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3490[related modules] ebXML Messaging with perl

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  • Aaron Trevena
    Apr 8, 2004
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      hi all,

      I have released some ebXML perl modules (using XML::Xerces and/or
      SOAP::Lite) as a proof of concept -- with a little hand-holding they can
      ping a Hermes MSH succesfully.

      I was hoping some other perl webservice developers might want to get
      involved in getting a working perl ebXML MSH implementation working.

      So far the classes have a lot of documentation, some examples and as
      pointed out already have worked with Hermes for very basic communication.

      the modules can of course be found at CPAN, they are ebXML and
      ebXML::Message, you can also check out the (pretty basic) website at



      Aaron J Trevena - Perl Hacker, Kung Fu Geek, Internet Consultant
      AutoDia --- Automatic UML and HTML Specifications from Perl, C++
      and Any Datasource with a Handler. http://droogs.org/autodia