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3482AW: [soaplite] Oh the irony - I need help...

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  • Manessinger Andreas
    Apr 7, 2004
      A majordomo installed as RPM will necessarily use the Perl installed as RPM, that would be 5.8.0. I guess you have installed 5.8.3 under /usr/local, but 5.8.0 is under /usr.

      Thus: what Perl have you installed libwww, Crypt::SSLeay, and friends into, 5.8.0 or 5.8.3?
      What Perl does majordomo use? Does it probably set $ENV{PERL5LIB}?

      I really suspect that, when running under majordomo, your CGI uses the LWP::UserAgent from the wrong Perl, the one that does not have Crypt::SSLeay installed.

      Try to insert someting like that immediately at the top of your CGI:

      #!/usr/..../perl # whatever the first line currently is
      use Config qw(myconfig config_sh);
      BEGIN {
      print STDERR myconfig().config_sh();
      while my($k, $v) = each(%ENV) {
      print STDERR "ENV{$k} = $v\n";
      print STDERR "<".join(">\n<", @INC).">\n";

      # here comes the rest of the original CGI

      given, that STDERR is not redirected to /dev/null. If so, you may still open a file inside of the BEGIN block and print into that file. The output should give you more that enough info about the actual Perl running the CGI under majordomo.

      Not knowing how your CGI is actually started, please consider the possibility, that the first line (the "#!/usr/...") may not be evaluated at all if there is a wrapper CGI that calls your program with "system('/some/path/to/some/perl', 'scriptname');".

      Hmm ... that's all from the top of my head. Hope that helps.

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