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3478Oh the irony - I need help...

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  • Byrne Reese
    Apr 6, 2004
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      Ok folks - I am in need of a little help. Before I bang my head
      against the keyboard one last time, I thought I might consult my
      follow perl hackers for some advice.

      I upgraded majordojo using RPMs to the latest Redhat 9 (yes I know
      support has been discontinued - thank you Redhat). In the process
      perl 5.8.0 was installed... which naturally requires me to upgrade
      all my perl modules etc. So the state of my system, which was once
      Redhat 7.3 running perl 5.6.1, is now running Redhat 9 (in theory),
      and perl 5.8.3 (I upgraded from source to the latest hoping it would
      resolve my problem).

      Now, here is the problem:
      I have a CGI that makes a SOAP call, and when it does, I get the
      following message:
      > '501 Can't locate object method "new" via
      package "LWP::Protocol::https" (Crypt::SSLeay not installed) at
      browse.cgi line 61'

      But I have installed Crypt::SSLeay, lib-www, etc... I have installed
      all the necessary files. My proof?

      When I run the script from the command line as ROOT it works. Ok, so
      this naturally leads me to believe that I have a permissions problem.
      But where!? I have traversed the ENTIRE /usr/local/lib/perl5
      directory heirarchy looking for permissions that are suspect, and
      every directory has the global execute bit set, every .so file has
      the global execute bit as well. Every file is globally readable. So
      what gives?

      I have since installed from source openssl-0.9.7d just to make sure.
      What am I missing here? This is killing me. I am running Redhat 9 at
      home, and everything works great. I am running Redhat 9 from the
      office, and everything is cool. Clearly something is not right with
      my RPM upgrade, but where do I start to track it down.

      Frustratingly Yours,
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