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3473Disregard Re: New user help

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  • amigo_boy2000
    Apr 5, 2004
      After poking around I'm able to make this work enough for my purposes
      (or learn more).

      One thing I was doing wrong was using ")->result" on the end of
      the "call" method. When I tried to use my $result as an SOM object,
      it complained that it was an unblessed reference. I noticed an
      example in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/soaplite/message/3350 (a
      useful "how to" about setting complex elements) which got me to see

      I then proceeded to find $result->dataof('//businessInfo/*') doesn't
      work. After 3 hours, I noticed the posting
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/soaplite/message/3369 (and replies to
      it). The single quotes have to be double quotes ("). After I did
      that, I was able to access multiple occurences of elements in the

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