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3462SOAP::Lite and dates

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  • Stephane Bortzmeyer
    Apr 2, 2004
      I have a SOAP method which returns a date (currently as a
      string). Reading SOAP::Lite documentation
      <URL:http://guide.soaplite.com/#types%20and%20names>, I do not find
      the list of supported types for SOAP::Data->type but, reading the
      code, it seems "date" is not one of them.

      In CPAN, I've found a SOAP::DateTime. Is it the only solution?

      SOAP::DateTime - Support for converting dates to
      "xsd:dateTime" format

      use SOAP::DateTime;
      my $soap_datetime = ConvertDate($arbitrary_date);

      "SOAP::DateTime" converts dates into the format required
      by the "xsd:dateTime" type.
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