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3428Problem when using SOAP::MIME

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  • herwighenseler
    Mar 18, 2004
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      Hi experts,

      I installed SOAP::Lite-0.60a and SOAP-MIME-0.55-7.

      I'm just starting out using SOAP::Lite. I'm writing a client which
      seems to do what I want.
      However, for one call I need to send a MIME message.

      When I add:

      use SOAP::MIME;
      use MIME::Entity;

      in my program, calls which previously worked now fail. This is what I

      Can't call method "print" on an undefined value at
      Entity.pm line 1884.

      But this method call has nothing to do with MIME! I haven't even
      started to work on a call
      which uses MIME. I just added the above two 'use'. The Method gets
      called correctly and I
      receive a result (judging from the trace output).

      Another call results in:

      Unresolved (wrong?) href (id0) in element 'item'

      Which was previously not there.

      Do the versions of SOAP::Lite and MIME conflict? Do I have to call
      SOAP::Lite differently
      when I include MIME support?

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