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3417Web Service authentication vs Web App authentication

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  • rajmalli
    Mar 13, 2004

      This is not a question specific to SOAP::Lite, so please direct me to
      an appropriate forum if necessary.

      I have an ASP.NET Web Application which uses authenticated access.
      The application folder has Directory security set to Basic
      authentication (windows authentication). Now is it true that I can
      access any page in this application after being authenticated _just
      once per session_ by IIS? My limited experience indicates that this
      is the case. I am guessing that IIS uses session ids to decide
      whether it should request authentication or not.

      Now, the same does not seem true with a Web Service which has its
      root folder Directory security set to Basic authentication. I am
      required to provide credentials along with _every_ web method call.
      How can I make the web service request authentication just once per
      session? If this is not possible, why not?