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3414Re: [soaplite] XMLRPC in daemon mode

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  • Randy J. Ray
    Mar 10, 2004
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      > I noticed that the XMLRPC daemon does not fork on an incoming request,
      > it seems to handle anything only serial (where do i find _any_
      > documentation about the XMLRPC implementation that comes with
      > SOAP::Lite , and its behaviour? ). We don't want to have a webserver
      > running for XMLRPC, but we need to handle lots of parallel requests. I
      > don't know how to get this working. Would be nice to have a transport
      > module that could be used with inetd, i don't really want to write a
      > wrapper for that.

      The XMLRPC::Lite package is not designed to be a complete daemon/server
      solution. Nor is SOAP::Lite. Both are object frameworks around which you can
      build a server and/or daemon.

      There are examples of doing this, using the XMLRPC::Lite::Transport high-level
      driver-class. Look in the "examples/XMLRPC" directory, specifically at the file
      "xmlrpc.daemon". This does not fork, either, but it illustrates how one would
      write a daemon for XMLRPC::Lite (it uses HTTP::Daemon as the listener). You
      will have to provide the forking, either by sub-classing an existing transport
      class, or by using something like Net::Server.

      Randy J. Ray Campbell, CA http://www.rjray.org rjray@...

      Silicon Valley Scale Modelers: http://www.svsm.org
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