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3408Encoding troubles

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  • Rutger Wessels
    Mar 8, 2004
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      It turns out that there are a lot of encoding issues in the application.

      Valfréjus is the example.
      the é was encoded as C3 83 C2 A9. This turned out to be twice encoded
      utf8. so in perl, I need to decode it twice. This seems to work but not
      in all cases. Unfortunately. It is a very confusing situation anyway.

      Since this application works in a client / server environment, we need
      to see where the problems start.

      At the server, we have a database, an XML interface, a webserver. I
      don't have access to that part, because it third party software.

      At the client, we have Perl, SOAP::Lite.

      Now I am wondering, does SOAP::Lite any character conversion? Or just
      pass it through without touching the data?

      I believe it works that way, because in the HTTP layer, I can see the
      wrongly coded parts.

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