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3407Encoding troubles

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  • Rutger Wessels
    Mar 8, 2004
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      Quite new to SOAP::Lite, I encouter problems with encoding.

      I need to access a soap object with one method. This method takes a XML
      message as argument (which contains request) and returns another XML
      message (the response). I access the server by using WSDL. The problem
      is that characters in the response XML message are encoded in utf-8 but
      the XML declaration of the response doesn't contain an encoding
      declaration. The raw HTTP communication tells me that.

      And yes, it is XML wrapped in SOAP. Very nice HTTP communication :)

      My primary solution is to add that encoding declaration to the response.
      However, the Soap server is developed and hosted by a third party and
      they are not willing to do that (or it takes some time).

      So is there any way to convince SOAP::Lite (or Perl?) to apply correct

      Maybe this is just a perl problem but I hope more SOAP developer are
      dealing with these issues.

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